Restoring the peace to my document organization chaos!

Restoring the peace to my document organization chaos!
Review By: Allen M. Gottfried, Airbrush Action Magazine

Like many, I’m sure you can relate to having paperwork, bills, notes and pages from magazines that are scattered everywhere around your desk at home or in the office. As much as I would like to say I am the neatest most organized person… I simply can not and needed to find a solution for organizing this chaos and tidy up my mess, with an easy to use well-priced software package that will scan and organize all of my documents on to computer system? This solution was something I have been researching for sometime now but many of the software packages are very expensive and hiring a company to do this are even more money and most people don’t need that. Additionally, upon researching software options one program would offers one feature and not another… maybe you can just import your document, or maybe just scan and convert with OCR (optical character recognition) but the filing system is no good or hard to use.

So, what do you do when you need a program on a budget, offers a user-friendly interface and yet still will do everything you are looking for? You do exactly what Karlie Shah, founder of eDoc, llc did. Start your own company and build your own software package that is easy to use and will get the job done right! Karlie started creating eDoc Organizer after she couldn’t find an easy to use and affordable document management solution for her own needs, much as was my dilemma here in the office and at home. In only March of 2009 she successfully launched her company and produced the document management software, eDoc Organizer.

The interface is very simple to use and to the point… no guessing with what crazy menu options mean. Additionally, the native format of the program uses Adobe PDF to ensure compatibility for many years to come. Options like printing, export and e-mail capabilities are all right on the main screen and importing or scanning existing documents is a synch! You can easily label and categorize all of your documents and scan the text of your documents making it an easy task to find information quickly.

The software is currently offered in three different versions: Basic, Standard and Ultimate. They all have the same capabilities accept for the amount of documents you are allowed to save with the Ultimate edition giving you an unlimited amount of document space for only $99! Unfortunately the software is not network friendly just yet but future plans state that a multi-user network based eDoc Organizer system that will help small businesses achieve paperless offices will be beta testing this month.

I highly recommend this software and think it is a great way to go paperless and keep your workspace and home neat and clear of messy paperwork.

To download a demo or purchase the full-version of the software visit,

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