Save money on your car insurance.

If you live in the garden state then you know how expensive car insurance can be and anything that might get you a discount off your yearly premium is worth looking into. A big security feature for many cars is having the windows etched with the VIN number to act as a theft deterrent. Mostly this is offered as an option at the major auto dealers when you purchase the car or truck. The technique is not hard but this is a real money maker for the dealerships as some can charge more than $300 for the etching process which take only about 20 minutes to complete.

Not wanting to spend that amount of money, I researched options online and came across the company . They offer a whole kit for around $25 that will cover your automobile and comes with everything you need… even the form to submit to your insurance company for the discount.

On the site they ask for your cars information and VIN number to print on the specialty transfer paper. The package comes with detailed instructions, etching cream, applicators, rubber gloves, two-practice microscope slides and enough transfer to cover your entire car in addition to the practice slides. Unfortunately, I waited too long an my etching cream dried up and only had enough for the test slides but it is the same stuff the local art store sold so I purchase and used that.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully and use the precautions for handling the etching cream as it is extremely caustic and dangerous to your skin and health. After performing the test slides and getting the technique down I was ready to go live with it. First, make sure you clean the outside of the window where you will apply the etching. Next peel off your transfer sheet with the VIN number, make sure to double check that all of the transfer paper has the correct VIN, and then adhere it to the window. I used the company recommendation and added an additional border of tape around the template to make sure none of the etching cream got anywhere else on the car. If it does make sure to wash the area immediately because this will damage your glass, paint and skin.

I put on the gloves and applied the cream in a circular motion working the cream into the letters as described. Finally I applied another layer to cover all the letters and then let this sit for about 8 minutes, which worked best for me. I repeated the process all away around the car and they came out great! Once the process is completed
clean the area with water to make sure no cream is still active and your etching is complete. Make sure to be careful when removing the stencils too as the cream can still hurt you.

Finally, I filed out the included form saying that the vehicle has been etched and I submitted for my insurance policy. On my car and policy this will qualify as a category anti-theft system and will save me about $18 a year and the kit cost only $25! So, if you plan on having your car for more than two-years and would like to save on your car insurance premium than etching your windows with the VINshiild kit is for you!

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