Performance Only Music Videos

When producing music videos you need to decide on the budget and also what type of video you are looking to produce. Of course, the budget does play a large role in the type of video you will be able to shoot. There are a few different types of music video production styles that you can work with.  The majority of music videos you will see are storyline videos which are mostly what you see air on stations like MTV or Fuse and is what most bigger bands and artist will produce.

To save money, many upcoming artist opt to shoot first-time videos as a performance only music video or take live video footage and turn that  into a music video.  For a band on an extremely tight budget this option may be perfect and will at the least get the song out there and onto the airwaves — but may not receive much recognition.  Performance only music videos are relatively easy to shoot and produce especially on a tight budget.

These videos don’t have to be based on a live performance they can still have the band performing at a specific location whether or not the band wants to be in a abandoned warehouse anything like that and you can still have the option for cutting an additional footage if you want to have something shot maybe some driving footage or live footage that you want to cut in of course that does affect the price or you could always shoot a storyline down the road and cut it into the video and release. Performance only music videos are a great way for us local regional or just the new emerging artist or band to get there single out there on a variety of different media platforms. Electric head specializes in producing all types of music videos. Contact us today to discuss your next music video production project at 336-310-5149