Storyline Music Videos

Electric head has produced all types of music videos from live performances, performance only videos and of course the storyline-based music video. The narrative based music video are the type you see mostly on television and online now where you’ll have the band performing cut around a visual story of the song.  Professionally produced  music videos don’t have to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce but knowing what it takes to produce a storyline style music video is a must.

When thinking about budgeting for a music video production you need to realize all the cost involved in the production. The budget must include the production crew, location expenses, possible insurance expenses, post-production, duplication of the video and of course promotion.

To understand more of what it takes to produce a successful music video I recommend that you read my article how to make music videos for the independent artist. As an award-winning video and media production company Electric Head recommends producing storyline type music videos which will help get publicity, sell albums and tickets, and hopefully also get you airplay.

Artist: Three On A Match
Song: Better Off Alone
Directed By: A. Gottfried